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Today is my step-dads birthday. Grace and I spent most of the day with my family which was tons of fun. Grace loves spending time with her grandparents, it has been neat to see how she is bonding with all of them. She is super attached to my mom who she calls mimi, or meeeeeeeeeeem!!! Depending on the importance or urgency of the moment. Well, we cooked pop his birthday dinner and baked with mimi today.

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are baking with my mom. Fall means baking with my family. As soon as anything pumpkin is available, we are on it. From muffins to cookie bars it doesn’t matter, if it’s pumpkin it is in the oven. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas and it just gets yummier!

Gracie and I put together this krusteaz pumpkin cookie bar recipe.


Go buy this mix immediately. It is amazing! I put her in my maya wrap and got to work. I explained everything I was doing from eggs to melting butter and she was in awe. She loves to tell me the oven is HOT. Hot mommy! No touch! She kills my heart every day. My favorite moment was when I asked her if she wanted to help me stir, you would have thought someone bought her a pony. I held her little hand in mine and we stirred the crust of the bars. She said it was dirty because it was a brownish color and told me the pumpkin mix was orange. She helped me pour the mix in and was so delighted by every step of the process. Seeing the wonder in my daughters little face was such a priceless moment for me. It is always the small things that capture me!

I would love to hear your favorite baking moment with a child or loved one.



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  • Kathleen Emberlin: What a great blog!!! And the pumpkin bars are great too!
  • Christina: this is christina not christian to clarify..
  • Christian: That's so awesome that she likes baking! I wouldn't have thought she would sit still in one place long enough for you to cook something