My picky eater

Posted on: November 3, 2011

As a mom I hope and pray for my child to be healthy just like any other parent does. We have been on quite a journey with this little girl when it comes to eating and really her weight in general. She had a minor tongue tie that began giving her issues with nursing at 12 weeks old. Her weight gain dropped and she was screaming instead of nursing. It was one of the most challenging times of my life to see my child go from a happy eater to a screaming maniac when it came time to feed. Sometimes she would cry for 45 minutes until she exhausted herself so much that she would eat calmly while practically asleep. Thankfully we resolved that issue and is now at 21 months a nursing machine. Without the love and support of my husband, mom and sister in law I may have gone to the cookoo house! 🙂
After the tongue tie event she then moved on to have texture issues. Grace basically only wanted to eat veggie straws. She then added a few other random things but mainly veggie straws and chips we her food of choice. I started giving her juice plus and now 4 months after starting her she is eating all varieties of meats fruits and even carrots spinach and tomatoes! My formerly picky chip girl devoured 5 strawberries and a ton of lunch meat today at lunch. This happy mamas heart soared as she asked me for more food. More strawberries mommy! Oh how my heart longed to hear my baby ask for food! Well my prayers have been answered. I had to try on 6 outfits this morning before one fit her. As any parent who has had a child with a weight gain issue knows, seeing your child outgrow clothing and get taller makes you feel at ease. Please share any of your experiences relating to picky eaters, texture issues, tongue tie or weight gain.
Here’s to another good day of eating tomorrow! Thank you God!


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  • Kathleen Emberlin: What a great blog!!! And the pumpkin bars are great too!
  • Christina: this is christina not christian to clarify..
  • Christian: That's so awesome that she likes baking! I wouldn't have thought she would sit still in one place long enough for you to cook something


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