Sweet moments

Posted on: October 19, 2011

Tonight as I was putting Grace to bed she was singing Jesus loves me and talking about family members she wanted to add to our goodnite song.
She was nursing and stopped and said “Gracie sit on mommy” then “lay on mommy.”
She climbed on top of me to rub my face and tell me she loved me. She told me stories about our day. I just lay in wonder of my little gift that God put in my life. She isn’t much of a sleeper but in times like these I remember the words from one of my favorite parent songs by Darius Rucker, It won’t be like this for long. I find myself closing my eyes and breathing in the sweet smell of her lavender Johnson and Johnson shampoo and trying to slow time as I enjoy my daughter in the moment. Just thought I would share a sweet mommy moment.
I would love to hear another parents sweet times with their child or a song that brings your journey to words.


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  • Kathleen Emberlin: What a great blog!!! And the pumpkin bars are great too!
  • Christina: this is christina not christian to clarify..
  • Christian: That's so awesome that she likes baking! I wouldn't have thought she would sit still in one place long enough for you to cook something


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