I love you mommy

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Some of the sweetest words a woman can hope to hear are “I love you mommy.” As parents we teach our kids their first words. We help them roll over and eventually walk and run. Grace is my little talking machine. From the moment she realizes shes awake her mouth is going. She has the most angelic voice. I am sure I am not the only parent to think my child is the sweetest most beautiful person to grace the earth…but my heart melts every morning that i am blessed to wake up with her in my life. She is becoming more conversational and it’s so cool to see how her mind is developing. She told me as we laid in bed in the dark “I love you mommy” then squeezed me and kissed my face. Sweetest moment! I know kids learn by example and I hope and pray that she sees love and grace and mercy in our home and that the love of Jesus is what resonates in her heart.


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  • Kathleen Emberlin: What a great blog!!! And the pumpkin bars are great too!
  • Christina: this is christina not christian to clarify..
  • Christian: That's so awesome that she likes baking! I wouldn't have thought she would sit still in one place long enough for you to cook something


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