As a mom I hope and pray for my child to be healthy just like any other parent does. We have been on quite a journey with this little girl when it comes to eating and really her weight in general. She had a minor tongue tie that began giving her issues with nursing at 12 weeks old. Her weight gain dropped and she was screaming instead of nursing. It was one of the most challenging times of my life to see my child go from a happy eater to a screaming maniac when it came time to feed. Sometimes she would cry for 45 minutes until she exhausted herself so much that she would eat calmly while practically asleep. Thankfully we resolved that issue and is now at 21 months a nursing machine. Without the love and support of my husband, mom and sister in law I may have gone to the cookoo house! 🙂
After the tongue tie event she then moved on to have texture issues. Grace basically only wanted to eat veggie straws. She then added a few other random things but mainly veggie straws and chips we her food of choice. I started giving her juice plus and now 4 months after starting her she is eating all varieties of meats fruits and even carrots spinach and tomatoes! My formerly picky chip girl devoured 5 strawberries and a ton of lunch meat today at lunch. This happy mamas heart soared as she asked me for more food. More strawberries mommy! Oh how my heart longed to hear my baby ask for food! Well my prayers have been answered. I had to try on 6 outfits this morning before one fit her. As any parent who has had a child with a weight gain issue knows, seeing your child outgrow clothing and get taller makes you feel at ease. Please share any of your experiences relating to picky eaters, texture issues, tongue tie or weight gain.
Here’s to another good day of eating tomorrow! Thank you God!


Tonight as I was putting Grace to bed she was singing Jesus loves me and talking about family members she wanted to add to our goodnite song.
She was nursing and stopped and said “Gracie sit on mommy” then “lay on mommy.”
She climbed on top of me to rub my face and tell me she loved me. She told me stories about our day. I just lay in wonder of my little gift that God put in my life. She isn’t much of a sleeper but in times like these I remember the words from one of my favorite parent songs by Darius Rucker, It won’t be like this for long. I find myself closing my eyes and breathing in the sweet smell of her lavender Johnson and Johnson shampoo and trying to slow time as I enjoy my daughter in the moment. Just thought I would share a sweet mommy moment.
I would love to hear another parents sweet times with their child or a song that brings your journey to words.


Today is my step-dads birthday. Grace and I spent most of the day with my family which was tons of fun. Grace loves spending time with her grandparents, it has been neat to see how she is bonding with all of them. She is super attached to my mom who she calls mimi, or meeeeeeeeeeem!!! Depending on the importance or urgency of the moment. Well, we cooked pop his birthday dinner and baked with mimi today.

Some of my fondest memories from my childhood are baking with my mom. Fall means baking with my family. As soon as anything pumpkin is available, we are on it. From muffins to cookie bars it doesn’t matter, if it’s pumpkin it is in the oven. Then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas and it just gets yummier!

Gracie and I put together this krusteaz pumpkin cookie bar recipe.


Go buy this mix immediately. It is amazing! I put her in my maya wrap and got to work. I explained everything I was doing from eggs to melting butter and she was in awe. She loves to tell me the oven is HOT. Hot mommy! No touch! She kills my heart every day. My favorite moment was when I asked her if she wanted to help me stir, you would have thought someone bought her a pony. I held her little hand in mine and we stirred the crust of the bars. She said it was dirty because it was a brownish color and told me the pumpkin mix was orange. She helped me pour the mix in and was so delighted by every step of the process. Seeing the wonder in my daughters little face was such a priceless moment for me. It is always the small things that capture me!

I would love to hear your favorite baking moment with a child or loved one.


My grandmother has played a very big part in my life. I am feeling so very blessed today that Grace has been able to spend time with her great grandmother. I met my great grandparents but they passed away when I was young however I do remember them. I hope Grace has fond memories of her great grandmothers. Her other great grandmother lives a few states away but has plans to relocate to Florida which will be such a blessing when our Oklahoma and Colorado family move here.
My parents are divorced and remarried. My mom, brother and I lived with my grammy and pop (my moms parents) for a time during my parents separation. I always felt at home with them and was NEVER hungry. My grammy would feed you until you just about popped. We all joke about how she would take you to the hospital for just about anything. She is also a bit of a hypochondriac and germophobe. She would always make us wash our hands and say “don’t touch that!”
My grammy has Alzheimers which is difficult to handle and understand sometimes. I am just thankful she still remembers most of our names and she certainly hasn’t forgotten Grace’s face. She just lights up at the sight o her great granddaughter. It makes my heart so happy! And now here come my tears!
Do any of you have any special memories of great grandparents? Any family far away and missing them? Anyone dealing with alzheimer disease? I would love to hear what you have to say as well!

Some of the sweetest words a woman can hope to hear are “I love you mommy.” As parents we teach our kids their first words. We help them roll over and eventually walk and run. Grace is my little talking machine. From the moment she realizes shes awake her mouth is going. She has the most angelic voice. I am sure I am not the only parent to think my child is the sweetest most beautiful person to grace the earth…but my heart melts every morning that i am blessed to wake up with her in my life. She is becoming more conversational and it’s so cool to see how her mind is developing. She told me as we laid in bed in the dark “I love you mommy” then squeezed me and kissed my face. Sweetest moment! I know kids learn by example and I hope and pray that she sees love and grace and mercy in our home and that the love of Jesus is what resonates in her heart.

In the pursuit of trying to get my little one to sleep I find myself forever feeling like she is different every week. As soon as i think she’s hit a stride with napping and sleeping. Ha-she’s a tricky little thing! One day she naps for an hour or two and the next three to four hours and then doesn’t want to go to bed EVER again it feels like at times. We are very easy going when it comes to sleeping and we are confident in our nursing, co-sleeping, no cry approach. I just want her to be healthy and grow thats all, but a little sleep never hurt anyone right. I wasn’t much of a sleeper when i was young and apparently my Gracie doesn’t require much either. Well, until tomorrow…the adventure continues…

My name is Tiffany. I live in South Florida with my husband of 8 years and our daughter who is a year and a half old. Grace is my inspiration for sharing with you our families journey. I love Jesus and my family is my world. We are pursuing healthy eating and take Juice Plus+ to help us where our nutrition is lacking. Especially for our picky little girl. More on that to come…I am also still breastfeeding Grace and find it to be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures that we have ever taken. Breastfeeding is definitely a team effort and Jeremy is extremely supportive. My hubby will also blog from time to time. He is the best daddy and husband! I will post mainly about my adventure as a mom…Which as any mom knows our job description is as unique as our children. I love my little girl and am enjoying every second of our life with her.  Cant wait to share some of our life with you.



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